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If you are looking for unique and creative presents to decorate around the Xmas tree, let’s discovery the supreme collection of Christmas gift ideas for every family member. From the children to the adult, every single gift is suitable for each age and style. Let’s find out the most wonderful gift for your family!!

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1. The Coffee Mug - The perfect Xmas gifts idea for the whole family


For a special day like Christmas, why don't you choose a lovely coffee mug with a meaningful message printed on it for your family member as a gift? It’s suitable for every age. They will definitely love it. It will become one of the most favorite coffee mugs that they use every day. Otherwise, the gift is such a creative and unique with such an affordable price will make lovely family member impress a lot. Funny gifts will make your family member's whole day fulfill happiness, See some suggestions:



  • Cool Xmas Gift Ideas For King Dad from Pretty Daughter. Thank for raising me to be a confident, honestly, classy, fucking lady, you are my king.
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2. Family T-shirt - The best gift ideas for the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


Forget about the expensive and luxury gift for every member of your family, let's think about the unique t-shirt designed by yourself for them on the most important day of the year - Christmas Day. Apart from your own design, you can choose the color, design the pattern, the quotes you want to imply on the shirt by yourself to cherish your love. That makes the gift become more special and meaningful. 

Too Cute For Naughty List Baby Onesies Shirt 


  • Lovely Christmas Gift Ideas For Babies 2019, this onesie will be a meaningful present from dad and mom. Dear Santa, I'm too cute for naughty list.
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Funny Family Matching Shirt - Dad Mr. Fix ft Son Mr. Break



    3. Pillowcase - The lovely present for other members in a family


    Everyone love pampered, so this Christmas, let find a soft and smooth pillowcase for your family members. They will definitely love it because it makes them sleep better. This impacts directly on their health. Moreover, you can write a wonderful message for your family members on the pillowcase. They will so happy when they receive the gift from you. 




    4. Blanket - The suitable gift for cold winter 


    A warm blanket will be a great gift for family members to translate this Christmas. This is a gift suitable for the elderly in the family-like grandparents and parents. The blanket will replace you to care for and keep warm for your family members, wherever you are. Christmas will also become warmer and more loving.




    5. Personalized Family Print - The personalized present ever


    A personalized family print will be one of the best Christmas gift ideas for your family. It is the picture that records happy moments of your family. This is also unique and creative Christmas gift ideas for all family members.


    To My Daughter Poster - Meaningful Message From Mom


    6. Chalkboard Table Runner Set - The cool gift for your child


    Whether your dinner conversation could use a little tic-tac-toe or the kids' table needs some doodling time, this roll-up, chalkboard-inspired table runner, you should find some things special and eye-catching for creating a beauty dinner table. This one of a kind design comes with dustless chalk, so you won't leave any vibrant seasoning on your tablescape.



    7. Philosophy Christmas Cookie Bubble Bath - The fantastic gift for women in your family


    Choose this fantastic gift for your mother, sister, wife or your mother-in-law Christmas this year. Every woman loves beauty and they always focus on taking care of their beauty as well as their health. Feel wrapped in warmth and comfort, as the moisturizing formula gently cleanses and conditions skin and hair. The buttery, sugar cookie scent will definitely remind you of the greatest childhood Xmas memories. This gift will make them so happy. Let’s choose Philosophy Christmas Cookie Bubble Bath for women in your family this family reunion. They’ll definitely love it. 

    philosophy-christmas-cookie-bubble-bath Bubble Bath


    8. Handwriting Bracelet - The meaningful and creative idea for Xmas


    Bracelets personalized and handcrafted with your favorite handwriting, quotes, dates, and fingerprints will be the perfect choice this Christmas for members in your family, especially for the woman you love. The gift containing your love and meaning for the family. You can create special and evocative quotes for the receiver. They’ll extremely surprised because of this wonderful gift. If you choose this kind of present for your father, you should consider the form, detail, and material of the bracelet to fit his style. There are a lot of choices for you. You can look for Magic Proposal to find the most suitable one for your father.

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    9. Merlot Infused Coffee - The favorite drink for everyone in winter


    The greatest moment is enjoying a delicious cup of coffee with family at Christmas. So give Merlot Infused Coffee to your family to share the warmest moments of the biggest reunion season this year. This present is a suitable member who loves coffee like parents or grandparents in a family. Otherwise, the price is quite affordable for everyone can buy. 

    10. Ice Roller for Face and Eyes - The useful beauty tool for woman 

    If you are looking for a present for your mother/mother-in-law/wife/sister this Christmas, so, the ice roller for face and eyes is perfect for you. It will support them in a facial skincare routine which problems that every woman cares about. They will be definitely thankful since you choose this present for them. Moreover, this ice roller is an important treatment in a woman’s skincare routine every day. 

    11. Movie Night Popcorn Kit - The bridge to the bond member in your family


    Movie night snacking gets an upgrade with this gourmet gift-ready popcorn kit. The show-stopping set lets at-home moviegoers create their favorite combinations of three types of kernels and five seasoning blends. White Gold, Tricolor and Ruby Red kernels show off toppings both sweet and savory, from Buttery Caramel Corn to Sizzlin' Spicy Sriracha to Cheezy White Cheddar. With its movie theater-inspired packaging, this indulgent set makes a fantastic gift for anyone who's serious about movie night.


    12. Card game for family - The wonderful way to connect with member in family


    Everyone loves a good awkward moment! And everyone also loves a game everyone can play that's not lame. Give them the gift of laughter — and family inside jokes. Christmas is one of the most suitable occasions for bonding family game and this card game will be the best choice for it. 

    13. The book - The old-school gift for Xmas


    Book donation is always a classic choice and suitable for everyone in the family. This gift is suitable for everyone in the family. From children to parents or grandparents in the family, you can choose books that are appropriate for your age and interests. In addition, the whole family can gather to read books together on occasions like Christmas.


    14. Classic Candle - The classical ideas for a special event


    Giving candles for Christmas is a classic idea that never old. A lot of people love the gentle smell of candles, especially on Xmas evening. It’ll create a warm atmosphere for the room when all family members gather together to enjoy the love space. It’s such a great image for Xmas Day. 


    15. Fig 'The Family Tree' Gift - The unique idea for your family


    The fig tree makes a unique and thoughtful gift in celebration of family. Fig trees are surprisingly hardy, weathering all conditions to produce beautiful foliage and succulent, tasty fruit. It will grow happily without much attention and remain a manageable size for a small garden or a pot in a sunny spot.


    16. Bear Family Keyring - The lovely present for the whole family


    An un-bear-ably sweet keyring for your mama bear or papa bear. This keyring is best suited to a maximum of three bears but there are multiple options available so that you can create your own combination with the different sizes and styles of bear available. There are two different cub styles available - a small sitting cub and a baby standing cub.


    17. Personalized Walnut Jigsaw Coaster Set - The creative gift and home decor furniture for your sweet home 


    A set of personalized, interlocking walnut wood jigsaw coasters. A perfect gift for a family. A perfect gift for the home. Bring some fun to your home with these beautifully personalized jigsaw-shaped walnut wooden coasters. Perfect for a Mother's Day, Father's Day, Wedding Day, Anniversary, especially Christmas. The ingenious design is not only a set of individual coasters but the jigsaw shaped pieces fit together perfectly illustrating unity and creating a beautiful centerpiece.


    Here is a list of 17 best Christmas gift ideas for the whole family. I hope you can find a suitable, unique and economical gift for your family members. You can find more wonderful gift ideas for thêm in Magic Proposal at affordable prices. Let’s check it out!