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You are not stepmother, you are my mom...

So far, we have heard a lot about the stepmother relationship. Despite many prejudices, but the stepmother relationship is not necessarily bad. You can feel more clearly the true feelings of your stepmother in the story below! She is really an incredible woman in our love. She is not the stepmother, she is the mother who loves their child unconditionally. 

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“ I used to have heart disease and was an orphaned mother when I was 9 years old. My mother left me with lots of love and regret.

The days of loneliness, sadness and coldness always accompany my childhood. I feel my life is so unhappy! Every time I look at them you are being cared for and loved by my mother, I crave them so much.

Walk through Fire Stepmom Mug

Walk through Fire Stepmom Mug

Next to me are my younger siblings who are 3 or 5 with blank eyes. The youngest sister innocently asked me, "Are you going to the South? When will my mother come back to me?" "The innocent brother's question choked my throat, my heart ached. Tears did not come out. but back into the depths of my immature soul.

Then as time went by, my father took another step. People often say to me, "A generation of bread and bones. How many aunts and stepchildren love their husbands? Your mother is dead, you will have to quit school, you will have to leave when they have a stepchild, there will be no one left" I don't care about you anymore, you will be an orphan! ''

Accidental words, harsh words like a thousand knives slit into my sick heart. The first day I met my mother and I was so angry, smoldering in my heart, I shouted: "Go away, I hate you!" ...

A slap of pain clearly printed my father's five fingers on my cheek. From baby until now, father never hit me. It was all in stepmother that Dad didn't love me anymore. I was wrong, melancholy, closed, and did not want to communicate with anyone.

From the best student in the school, I have all told the reason for truancy and serious decline. My youngest brother has a stepmother, so he loves her very much and no longer talks about his mother. The more I looked at my stepmother like that, the more I hated her. I think she has taken over my mother's place!

Despite my indifferent, obstinate and careless attitude, my stepmother took care of us every day of my sleep, never scolded anyone. Until one day, I had to go to Hanoi to treat heart disease; Despite the car sickness, vomiting constantly but my stepmother still wanted to accompany me.

When I got out of the car, while she was crouching down the road because she was vomiting, the hoodlum scooters struggled to drag me away. I don't understand what it is, I don't know how to get out. I was scared and tried my best to call: "Mom! Mom!" ...

Lucky stepmother heard and ran right after those hoodlums. Mother like hairy porcupine protects her child from "enemies". Mom yelled at everyone for the help and scolded them, then she grabbed my hand and yanked it hard. The mother’s hand has the power like a superman. They were crowded so they did not dare to bully me anymore.

I choked up and hugged my mother and burst into tears: "I'm ... I'm ... sorry, mom!". If not for my stepmother fiercely protecting me at that time, I would not know what would happen. And from that moment, the love of the second mother grew in me like a miracle.

The moment my mother took my hand, the moment I received her love, I felt my life was blessed. I have realized something to cherish and love.

Life is inherently fair, heaven does not give anyone and does not take anyone's everything. He took away my beloved mother, but he brought me someone like me from my previous life.

Thanks to my stepmother, I not only regained the balance of life, but her love strengthened me every step of the way. My stepmother's endless love saved my poor helpless soul. I walked out into the light and the joy gradually returned.

I passed a university entrance exam in the first year of my exam. In the middle of a difficult job search, I was lucky enough to pass the exam to become a teacher at a public elementary school. Then I had two initiatives of experience in the provincially recognized education field and won the third prize in the charming talent teacher contest. But most importantly, I have the love and affection of the students ...

Now my sick heart is healed. I became a mother, had a favorite job and had a warm family. In every step of my growth, all difficulties in life, I was always accompanied by my stepmother.

Mom gave me a lifetime. My mother gave birth to me a second time with a warm heart. Mom gave me the best of everything. Maybe someone is not happy about her, but in my heart, she is a great mother. And though I have not done much to be filial to you, I am always ready to take care and protect you.

I thank you for not giving birth to me but for coming to a warm family. I am proud and happy when my mother has a life. I love Mom! If I were once again selected, I still wish I was the son of MOM ...” 

Besides lovers, do not forget to give your parents meaningful and unique gifts on Valentine's day. Not only is the love affair sweet, but the affection of the family is also equally lovely and respectable. If you are tired and difficult outside, go home with your parents. Although they are mothers and fathers who "come later", their affection for their children forever is first and foremost.

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