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Happy Mother's day 2020! Mother's Day is a traditional holiday of many countries around the world, to remind and honor the beautiful values ​​of the mother. It seems like one of the traditional holidays in many Western countries. Because there is no fixed anniversary like International Women's Day March 8 or October 20, many people often do not know what Mother's Day is.

Mom I'm so glad you looked after me better than your plants

Mom I'm so glad you looked after me better than your plants

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When is mother's day 2020?

After years of struggle, in 1911, Mother's Day was agreed to be celebrated in almost every state in the United States. On May 8, 1914, the President of the United States signed a decision to designate the second Sunday in May each year as Mother's Day.

Mother's Day 2020 is on Sunday, May 10, 2020

What is mother's day?

Someone once said: "The universe has many wonders, but the greatest wonder is the mother's heart." Mother is the one who gave birth and nurtured us unconditionally on us. Therefore, Mother's Day was born an opportunity for millions of people around the world to use this opportunity to express their deep gratitude to their beloved mother, who dedicated her whole life to us. A better future and life.

Citizens in Western countries, especially in the US, usually celebrate "Mother's Day" on the second Sunday of May. On this day, Americans often invite their mothers to dinner because they do not want their mothers to have to cook or be busy working on this special day. In addition, small children choose to express their love with breakfast in bed prepared by themselves.

happy mom's day

Also on this holiday, the commonly used flower is carnation because it symbolizes "Mother's Day." The flower of their choice is red or pink. In addition, they place white carnations on the grave of the deceased mother. Children often sing, play, or give cards and prepare gifts to their mothers.

In the United States, thanks to the patient struggle and the heart of a girl named Anna Jarvis in Philadelphia - USA, Mother's Day has become an official holiday. After her mother's death, Anna was tormented by many things that had not been done for her, and by the indifference of the American people towards her mother. She was determined to fight to ask the US Senate to celebrate Mother's Day nationwide.

Mother’s Day gift ideas 2020 - List of meaningful

What a mother's day gifts to give may not be a difficult answer for those who understand her mother and often care about her. However, with children who are busy and not often with her, giving her a gift on this special occasion can sometimes be a trivial concern. If you are the same, don't worry, the following ideas will help you.

Small plant for mother

When it comes to mothers' day giving gifts, those who want to be quick and not have to wonder too much will often choose flowers. You can also choose flowers, but do not rush to buy a large bouquet of "struggling" to give your mother. Choose more attention with a beautiful flower pot or mini bonsai pot.

mother's day small plant

Why every mother is very economical and even if they like them, they do not like you wasting money on bouquets, however, flower pots or mini ornamental pots are okay because these two types if not taken care of good care, can still "distill" longer than the flowers.


Mother's Day Jewelry

Most women like jewelry and so does your mother. If you can afford to buy jewelry for your mother, this is a good idea. If you choose a precious metal ring, bracelet, or earrings, such as gold, platinum, or silver, all show your mother's heart.

Handmade Mother's day card

Make your own little greeting cards with congratulations or love messages and send them to your mom with gifts that will make her happy and more emotional.

If your mother likes to listen to music, collect her favorite songs, edit and make a CD to give to her. If possible, design your own beautiful covers.

Mother's Father's Day Did It All

Mother's Father's Day Did It All

Make your own photo frame by redecorating a blank picture frame with materials like beads, stones, seashells, etc. along with the words of congratulations sent to your mother. Don't forget to put it in your mother's favorite photo frame.

Prepare meals for family by yourself

You can also prepare a meal for the whole family on mother's day. This shows your concern and love for your mother.

If you are confident in your ability to make cakes, what are you waiting for without making a delicious cake for your mom? Bring all the love and respect into the cake and decorate the cake beautifully. Your mother will probably be very surprised and proud of you.

family meal

You can also organize a party with your father at your mother's favorite restaurant. Choose mother's favorite foods, give her a bouquet of fresh flowers, along with a card made by the people in the house. Surely this will be the most memorable mother's day in your mother's heart.

What mother's day for giving something - come here surely your anxiety must be reduced by more than half. Not only do you choose the right gift for your beloved one of these suggestions, but you also have a few other ideas that are more suitable for your mother, but also the topics. The above output has been suggested for you. Don't hesitate to give your mother something, bravely choose a gift that you think is appropriate and appropriate, if it is not the gift you expect the most, but affection and caring close have been the most meaningful thing to her on this Mother's Day.